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Players use any debit card, at any game, at any time.

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Why use PlayOnSM?

  • Convenience for your Players
  • No CTR requirements
  • Stronger Holding power
  • No incurred debt to the player
  • No stoppage in game play
  • Reduced operating capital over time
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Nevada Approved

debit cards PlayOn is now LIVE in Nevada! PlayOn is now in use at The Palace Station, Red Rock Casino, The Strat, and the D in Las Vegas, and the Atlantis Casino in Reno. If you are a Nevada Casino that is interested in our product, please stop by and see us in action!

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Seamless Integration

blue bambooFrom installation, to everyday operation PlayOnSM incurs no additional labor, provides all of the tools you need, with no interruption or disruption to your casino operations (other than generating revenue!)
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  • Debit Transactions at the Gaming Position.

    ACS PlayOnSM offers continued play by simply allowing players to access their own money with the swipe of their debit card.

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  • Players remain engaged at the Gaming Position.

    PlayOnSM allows players the convenience of accessing their money right from their gaming position, retaining the player and increasing revenue.

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  • Ultimate Player Convenience.

    PlayOnSM is the only solution that allows a customer access to their own funds at a gaming position without the labor or hassle of setting up a new account or getting a new card. 

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  • Certified & Secure. PCI Compliant.

    PlayOnSM uses safe and secure transaction technology. PlayOnSM maintains the highest level of PCI Compliance and has been tested by Gaming Labs International to ensure that the solution has no effect on the outcome of the game. Responsible Gaming considerations of the PlayOnSM solution restrict players to the use of debit cards only and prohibit the use of credit cards or the ability to overdraw checking accounts that incur debt.
  • Increase Game Play. Increase Revenue

    PlayOnSM – Players remain engaged at the gaming position.  Time on the game is directly proportional to increased theoretical revenue for the property. With PlayOnSM, transactions occur during a hand break/buy-in or a simple swipe at the machine, allowing players to access their funds without leaving the game. And since no cash is involved for any PlayOnSM transaction, there are no requirements for Cash Transaction Reporting (CTR).
  • Easy Management and Integration. Real-time Reporting.

    PlayOnSM provides internal management and accounting systems that are easy to implement and manage for casino operators. Transaction information is made available to the casino, allowing for Real-Time information reporting and/or inquiry. Casino managers have access to written internal controls, policies and procedure manuals for training and compliance purposes. The device Installs easily and is designed to work on all table games.
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